2024 List of DMARC Vendors and Solutions

Learning Resources

  • SPF RFC 7208 - Sender Policy Framework (Standards Track)
  • DKIM RFC 6376 - Domain Keys Identified Mail (Standards Track)
  • DMARC RFC 7489 - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (Informational)
  • DMARCbis - Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (Active Internet Draft)
  • ARC RFC 8617 - Authenticated Received Chain (Experimental)

DMARC Analytics

Global DMARC Report Analysis Vendors

Part of the same group as above, but ordered alphabetically due to unavailability of public pricing information.

Region-Specific DMARC Report Analysis Vendors

Miscellaneous Feature DMARC Offerings

  • DMARC High Definition - Through participating receivers, provides granular information on a per-sender email address basis from DMARC reports

Self-Hosted Solutions

Aggregate Report Ingestion

SPF Macros

  • Expurgate - Self-hosted dynamic SPF Macro solution.

SPF Flattening

Hosted SPF Solutions

Hosted SPF Macros

Hosted SPF Flattening

Email Authentication Tools

SPF Policy Testers

SPF Lookup and Syntax Validators

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